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We’re keen advocates of recycling at MAC Group, so if you’re looking for an economical way to cover your driveway or car park, consider using Road Planings.



What is Road Planing

Road planing is usually used as a cheaper alternative to the complete removal of a road surface. Instead of time consuming and costly excavation, the damaged road surface is removed using a cold milling machine, allowing the new surface to be directly overlaid onto the sub layers of the existing. This provides a more cost effective and greener surfacing solution and helps to greatly cut back on waste.


Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 16.24.28.png

MAC Group have years of experience in the industry, and we have the expertise and resources to meet a wide range of project requirements, working with all our clients to find the best solution possible to meet their requirements

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost effective way of transporting your aggregates, we’re more than happy to help you with the transportation of quarried and recycled materials, whether this be for your home or a commercial contract. We’ll transport it directly to your doorstep or construction site – always delivered promptly and on time.

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