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We have an extensive range of recycled aggregates which are a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to quarried aggregates, and our trained sales team can advise suitability for; sub base, drainage and pipe bedding applications, roads and driveways and general bulk, back and trench fill – to make sure you get exactly what you need.


Road Planings

Road planings are the top surface of a road that has been removed prior to highway resurfacing. They are ideal for tracks, haul roads or temporary car parks.


Recycled Soil

Our recycled topsoil is a cost effective material used for general landscaping projects, ideal for making up levels prior to turfing.



Recycled Type 1

Our recycled type 1 graded aggregate is made from brick, concrete and asphalt. Approx 40mm down to dust in size it can be easily compacted and provides a significant cost saving compared to primary aggregate.


Recycled 6F2

Made from crushed brick, concrete and other hardcore, this material is approx. 80mm down to dust, generally used for base layers or as a bulk material.



Fill Sand

Our as dug fill sand can be used for trench backfill or as a bedding layer when using membranes. Our Brownhills operation offers a screened fill sand.

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