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Southampton Chalk

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Sombourne Chack Quarry on the outskirts of Southampton and has been part of the MAC Group since 2014. The site produces a number of products for different uses, including:

Liming Chalk

Farmers use liming chalk, also known as agricultural lime, for a process called liming. Liming is the application of calcium carbonate or calcium-magnesium carbonate to agricultural soils. Crops and rain remove the alkalinity within the soil and the main purpose of liming is to adjust the pH levels of the soil which would otherwise reduce yields. It also helps improve nutrient availability and soil structure creating a more favourable environment for beneficial soil microorganisms. Chalk typically spread over the fields just after harvesting is a great natural way to level the pH balance of the soil avoiding the use of chemicals.

Cement Chalk

For the cement making process 40mm Chalk is typically used. Being less abrasive than limestone it reduces the wear on machinery and due to its natural moisture content it removes the need to add water to the process.

Bulk Chalk

Bulk Chalk is a great product for land raising. As the regulations tighten on the use of other materials to raise the land. Many are now classified as waste materials and require environmental permits for use. Chalk being a natural and clean product is a great cost effective solution to this problem.

We have a number of vehicles based there including Tippers and Grabs, and cover a wide area around Southampton.

To find out more and what products might be useful for you project, contact our friendly team on 024 7666 6888 or

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